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Patient Care

  • Cleans and Moisturises
  • Soft and refreshing
  • Contains aloe vera and vitamin B5 and E
  • Free from alcohol, paraben and lanolin
  • Maceratable patient care wipes allow for easy & hygienic disposal.

Medipal® patient care wipes and mitts are designed to gently cleanse the skin keeping it nourished, hydrated and healthy. Their Vitamin E anti-oxidant properties support skin healing and improve skin immunity while the Vitamin B5 hydrates and preserves the skin moisture keeping it healthy.

Our skin friendly Medipal® wipes and mitts have a gentle pH 5.5. They are suitable for full body cleansing and are kind and soothing even on sensitive skin. Medipal patient care wipes and mitts are dermatologically tested and provide a simple, rinse free wash for all patients, from infant to elderly.

Medipal® Wash Mitts provide a practical alternative to the traditional bed bathing methods using soap, water and a cloth. Bathing patients with Medipal® Wash Mitts saves valuable nursing time as well as providing excellent reach to all part of the body.  The patient will feel clean and refreshed with no residual « sticky » feeling after bathing.